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Serigano .Keybords, Bass, Guitar, Drum & Computer Programming/producer,composer and musician.

Serigano is a producer; composer and musician of original electronic music crossing, combining and separating break beats, house, techno, drum and bass. Creating an original sound difficult to compartmentalize, he focuses on an innovative original sound. Biography1988-Serigano got his first recognition starting in 1988 as member of the Japanese punk band FRICTION . During this time Friction recorded their album Replicant Walk (produced by Rory Moshman ex member of Swans) in New York at Power Play studio with John Zorn appearing as a guest musician. 1990- Upon returning to Japan, Serigano himself becomes a guest musician playing various sessions with such musicians as Toshinori Kondo, Yuji Takahashi, Tatsuro Kondo, Sadat, Minoru Sato and Toshimaru Nakamura and finally culminating into playing synthesizers at the Cobra as a guest musician of John Zorn. 2003- Engeneer for Rinken Band remix of "Eisa" with RECK (Friction) 2004- Produces remix of "Puertorican Ghost" with Reck(Friction). 2006- Forms band SERIGANO& Paula Terry with James Baldiwn on mouth harp. 2013- Completing two c.d.s, continues to perform with Paula Terry and Thomas Tosh Sawada in addition to solo DJ/performances in Tokyo.



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Serigano feat. Paula Terry『BLOW YOUR MIND』をDSD5.6MHzで先行配信&インタビュー掲載


Serigano feat. Paula Terry『BLOW YOUR MIND』をDSD5.6MHzで先行配信&インタビュー掲載

ニューヨーク・ディープ・ハウスの華やかし頃を思い起こすようなパワフルなヴォーカル・ハウスのアルバム『Blow Your Mind』。オーストラリア人の女性歌手であるポーラ・テリーをフィーチャリングした、日本人プロデューサーSeriganoによるファースト・…

SERIGANO feat.PAULA TERRY、高音質DSD(5.6MHz)&HQD(24bit/48kHz)で配信開始!


SERIGANO feat.PAULA TERRY、高音質DSD(5.6MHz)&HQD(24bit/48kHz)で配信開始!

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