Hearing anything from you

If you can't find any solutions after a glance of the Q&A page, make an inquiry to OTOTOY office using this page.

Before sending an inquiry, please note:

  • If you have some questions about extracting data files on a Windows computer, please read this before.
  • We do not operate during (Japanese) holidays.
    Please wait until the next business day for any answer to your inquiry.
  • The recordings’ Master Licenses are the property of right holders, OTOTOY does not own any and only acts as a reseller. Thus, we cannot answer any inquiry about broadcasting rights for radio, TV, events and so on.

Login is required to apply for events and presents.

We need an address to answer you. Make sure the address is correct.

If the mail address is already registered to OTOTOY, it should speed things up.

Write details such as an album title, artist name, URL. It helps us a lot to identify the issue if you have troubles with audio file downloads. Please write them down as much as possible.

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