2014/09/29 13:01

How to accumulate and use OTOTOY points

What are OTOTOY points?

When buying music on OTOTOY, you can use points as a currency to reduce the amount you will have to pay or even buy whole albums.

The exchange rate is 10pts. = ¥1.
Points do not expire.

How to acquire points

When shopping as usual
When buying on OTOTOY, you will be awarded automatically 1% of the amount in OTOTOY points.

By bank transfer
You can buy points by transferring money directly into our (Japanese) bank account. Use the dedicated form to get the necessary info for your transfer.

The minimum amount using this method is 10,000 points (¥1000), and it may take up to 3 working days for our staff to confirm the reception and credit your account the number of points.

By prepaid card
In Japan you can buy prepaid cards in some physical stores: the OTOTOY Music Prepaid Card « Otopuri » or the —less common— OTOTOY Card.

Activate the Passcode of the card to redeem your points.

How to use points

At the payment page, you can set an amount of points in the dedicated box and the corresponding amount in Yen will be deducted from the total, using the aforementioned 10pts = ¥1 rate.

If you hold enough points for the whole purchase, a button « By OTOTOY Points » will appear for convenience below the « By Credit Card » button.

History of Points use

Once logged in, an « History of Points » button will appear in the user menu. You will see there all the events related to points.

Special Deals

Limited-time campaigns for bonus points

At OTOTOY, we often run special campaigns where we give out bonus points when some conditions are met. Don't miss them by checking news and social media!