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Setting Sail 2021 -- Gary ClarkJohn Carney  flac: 24bit/48kHz 03:02
Landscapes -- Jay Wadley  flac: 24bit/48kHz 01:19
Perfect Perfect -- Rosie Carney  flac: 24bit/48kHz 03:20
Just Leave, Please -- Jay Wadley  flac: 24bit/48kHz 01:35
Break My Silence -- Andy Shauf  flac: 24bit/48kHz 03:43
The Kiss -- Jay Wadley  flac: 24bit/48kHz 00:52
Forward -- Chong the Nomad  flac: 24bit/48kHz 02:43
Good for Both of Us -- Jay Wadley  flac: 24bit/48kHz 02:19
All Frequencies Low -- Skye  flac: 24bit/48kHz 03:50
Worst Fears -- Jay Wadley  flac: 24bit/48kHz 02:08
Fire -- Gary Clark  flac: 24bit/48kHz 03:35
Setting Sail (Nerina Pallot Version) -- Nerina Pallot  flac: 24bit/48kHz 02:09
Flirting On a Train -- Brian Byrne  flac: 24bit/48kHz 01:56
Meet Cute -- John ByrneJohn Carney  flac: 24bit/48kHz 03:13
Bedrooms -- Gary Clark  flac: 24bit/48kHz 01:05
Lockdown Dublin -- Nerina PallotGary ClarkJohn Carney  flac: 24bit/48kHz 02:54
Michael -- Gary Clark  flac: 24bit/48kHz 02:13
Christmas -- Gary ClarkGregor Philp  flac: 24bit/48kHz 03:50
Breakfast -- Gary ClarkGregor Philp  flac: 24bit/48kHz 01:08
Home Again -- Gary ClarkGregor Philp  flac: 24bit/48kHz 03:45
Moonstone -- John CarneyGary ClarkGregor Philp  flac: 24bit/48kHz 01:02
Setting Sail (ANDERMO Version) -- ANDERMO  flac: 24bit/48kHz 01:58
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