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CRIPSTIAN  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 03:48
11:59  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 02:50
THEY SAY  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 02:52
BIG PERSONA -- Maxo KreamTyler, The Creator  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 02:25
CEE CEE -- Maxo KreamMonaleo  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 02:21
STREETS ALONE -- Maxo KreamA$AP Rocky  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 02:51
DON'T PLAY WITH SHAWTY A**  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 02:15
LOCAL JOKER  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 02:26
WHAT I LOOK LIKE -- Maxo KreamFreddie Gibbs  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 03:16
FRFR  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 02:56
WHOLE LOTTA  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 02:10
WORTHLESS  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 02:02
GREENER KNOTS  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 02:20
MAMA'S PURSE  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 03:36
TRIPS  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 03:05
BELIEVE -- Maxo KreamDon Toliver  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 02:58
JIGGA DAME  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 01:44
FOOTBALL HEADS -- Maxo KreamBenny The Butcher  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 03:10
THE VISION -- Maxo KreamAnderson .Paak  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 02:17
TACO SHELLS  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 03:03
REMOTE -- Maxo KreamPeso PesoKCG Josh  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 03:08
MIXIN JUICES -- Maxo KreamBabyFace Ray  flac: 24bit/88.2kHz 03:03
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