tomzuin h (a.k.a. Tomohiro Harada), a synthesizer and electro artist, launched SONICA RECORDS in 2004 as a vehicle to spread the work of compelling musicians making electro music.

SONICA RECORDS seeks music made on a large canvas.
Much of electro music might be categorized as notebook music, but our interest lies beyond the production of such miniature musical landscapes. The same is true for other musical genres — techno, ambient, house, and minimal. Firstly, these are merely labels — dialects if we were talking about linguistics. For truly engaging artists bringing substance to their sounds, these musical styles are far too restricting.

What we endeavor to do at SONICA RECORDS is to slowly and deliberately explore works that are not captive to any one style and produce music that is both bold and realistic while not sacrificing the musicians’ or performers’ own intensity, creativity, fantasies, delusions, or eroticism.

Artist-> tomzuin h, ANT★LION, miimu etc.

Concept-> Humanic, Soulful, Not-Raptop, Real, Next Generation.

更新日: 2006-12-14 18:32