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Note: 32-bit Float sound source is converted to 32-bit and 24-bit Integer in ALAC and AAC. It is not available as FLAC.
Emergency  alac,wav,aac: 32bit/192kHz 01:16
Scream  alac,wav,aac: 32bit/192kHz 00:42
Choise  alac,wav,aac: 32bit/192kHz 00:43
Long incects in the Sky with Diarrhea  alac,wav,aac: 32bit/192kHz 01:10
Crazy Nightmare  alac,wav,aac: 32bit/192kHz 00:54
ぴっぴぴ  alac,wav,aac: 32bit/192kHz 00:57
AWAY  alac,wav,aac: 32bit/192kHz 00:43
Day after Tomorrow  alac,wav,aac: 32bit/192kHz 00:56
とぅっとぅっとぅとぅー  alac,wav,aac: 32bit/192kHz 01:08
変な日々 ~ Strange Days ~  alac,wav,aac: 32bit/192kHz 01:26
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