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Naked Guy Murder  flac: 24bit/96kHz 02:22
Starlight Cantina  flac: 24bit/96kHz 02:38
No Smoking Allowed Here  flac: 24bit/96kHz 03:44
Larry Was A Family Man  flac: 24bit/96kHz 05:35
Why Does Damian Have a Problem With You  flac: 24bit/96kHz 01:54
Kill Me Fast and Clean  flac: 24bit/96kHz 04:10
I Hereby Give You Yaritza  flac: 24bit/96kHz 04:18
Mothers Favorite Skirt  flac: 24bit/96kHz 03:48
Get Some Ice Cream  flac: 24bit/96kHz 02:02
Jesus and the Snake  flac: 24bit/96kHz 03:16
High Priestess of Death  flac: 24bit/96kHz 06:57
I'm Hunting  flac: 24bit/96kHz 03:35
I Got Time  flac: 24bit/96kHz 02:36
Viggo and Diana  flac: 24bit/96kHz 03:15
Some Complications  flac: 24bit/96kHz 02:20
Walking to the Girl in the Ground  flac: 24bit/96kHz 01:51
I Can't Dig Her Out  flac: 24bit/96kHz 03:16
I'm Not Going to Hurt You  flac: 24bit/96kHz 01:52
Death By Golf Club  flac: 24bit/96kHz 01:15
Summassault -- Julian Winding  flac: 24bit/96kHz 04:32
Ooh La La -- Goldfrapp  flac: 24bit/96kHz 03:24
FFA -- The Leather Nun  flac: 24bit/96kHz 05:55 Album Purchase Only
I Put The Blue In Her Eyes -- Frankie Miller  flac: 24bit/96kHz 02:42 Album Purchase Only
Elvis and Marilyn -- Jimmy AngelThe Jason Gutierrez 3  flac: 24bit/96kHz 04:00 Album Purchase Only
La Alta Sacerdota de la Muerto -- A Girl I Know  flac: 24bit/96kHz 02:42
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